How To Never Give Up On Becoming An Entrepreneur

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I thought this was a really great info graphic. Not where you want to be right now? Neither am I. BUT, we’re still alive! How To Never Give Up On Becoming An Entrepreneur infographic by annavital.

Garden Prep Begins

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I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to get my hands in the dirt. I pretty much neglected the garden over the winter. The advantage of the square foot garden soil is apparent. It’s still loose and thankfully gives up the lumps of crabgrass readily. I also turned the compost pile and I think […]

LR-Blog Plugin Test

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I’m loving Photoshop Lightroom 3 and all the publishing add-ons. This post was actually created within Lightroom during the “Export” process. I thought it would be interesting to show you the image I created today for my client Christmas Cards. I got the idea from a Planet Photoshop Christmas Lights Tutorial. I have both PS […]

What Makes for a Good Blog? | 43 Folders

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This is Merlin Mann's take on what makes up a good blog.  The takeaway for me is that blogs are the product of "Attention times Interest".  I heard Merlin make this point on a Mac Break Weekly episode during my walk this morning so I was glad I found the article. Enjoy. Brett Read the […]

Customize Your WordPress Theme On A Live Site

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If it's time to give your WordPress site an overhaul you can develop locally or "live" on the site.  If you are a "live" kind of developer but you don't want everyone else to be able to see what you're doing, then you can do that.   My preference is to use a theme switching […]

Add a Facebook Like Button to your WordPress Site

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If you have a WordPress site or blog, it's really easy to integrate the Facebook "Like" button.  My recommendation is to use a plugin.  You will find several plugins if you search in the plugin repository, but the one I chose is simply called Facebook Like Button. After installing the plugin you'll get a new […]

Hyla Vacuum Cleaners Maintenance

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I received a question recently about Hyla Vacuum Cleaners maintenance. My other post about Hyla maintenance focused on the Electro Brush. This question was regarding how to access the main on-off switch without breaking anything. I didn’t have a lot to loose since the carrying handle on our unit broke a long time ago, so […]

Hyla Electro Brush Cleaning Maintenance

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A “down and dirty” look at disassembly and cleaning of a Hyla Vacuum Electro-Brush. A couple of weeks ago I was being a good hubby and was helping out with some household chores. We have a Hyla NST vacuum and Amy got it out of the closet to start cleaning the floors. There are two […]

WeBeJeeping! Are you?

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I just finished the “1.0” version of my third official client website. You can read about the other two by clicking on the “WordPress Design Services” button at the top of the page. This new site was for Gilbert Jeeps and 4×4’s, a used Jeeps dealer in Athens AL. This was one of those fun […]

Top Five Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

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I was recently asked for my opinion on choosing a domain name. This case was a personal site, but a lot of the considerations are the same whether the site will be used for personal or commercial purposes. I ended up putting quite a bit of thought into my answer so I decided to share […]