Judgement House 2014 at FBC Loretto

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I played Ricky in Scene 2. More info about Judgement House here on FBC Loretto’s website. In the first video below, Vic Pusser plays Ricky, Paul Walker plays Brett and Steve Farrington plays Jimmy. In the video below, I play Ricky, Chris Behel plays Brett and Jeremy Young plays Jimmy.

The Primal Blueprint [infographic]

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Learn more at Mark’s Daily Apple.

Hobbit Movie Birthday

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Hobbit Movie Birthday

Today is my birthday. I’ve never been demanding for my birthday and in fact I’m usually working. I took advantage of the Saturday birthday and some gift cards we got for Christmas and had a full day for less than $50. I’m lucky enough to have a wife that also likes the Lord of The […]

My Little John Deere Tractor

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My Little John Deere Tractor

I actually enjoyed mowing my grass yesterday for the first time in a long time and maybe ever. My old Murray mower (I’m talking 30yr old mower) had a worn out steering shaft and the same part on the even older parts mower that I have was in the same shape. Nothing wrong with keeping […]

Panama City Beach [photos 2012]

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This is our very last morning at Latitude 29. The waves are still big enough to bring out the red flag, but it’s a beautiful morning following an even more beautiful evening. We got out on the beach and played frisbee while the sun went down. It was golden hour in more ways than one. […]

Latitude 29 [photos 2012]

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Our first day at Latitude 29 was good. Got some sun, but avoided a burn. We’re on the west end of Panama City Beach. Can’t complain about the weather either. Looking forward to the rest of the week. This post is part of my One Photo Per Day of 2012 project. Technical details: iPhone 4s […]

Happy Father’s Day [photos 2012]

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Savannah got a new sidewalk chalk set yesterday while she and Mom were out shopping. Lucky for me she wanted to spend some time with me so we sat down on the driveway and she made this art among other masterpieces. Hope you had a happy Father’s Day as well! This post is part of […]

Nashville Sounds Game [photos 2012]

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Savannah’s school gave a reward to the students who read a certain number of books and she was one of those students. They got tickets to the Nashville Sounds minor league baseball game. Savannah is not a sports nut to say the least, and she thought it was boring, but we had a good time. […]

Happy Easter [photos 2012]

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I’m not a big proponent of the Easter Bunny, preferring to try and keep focus on what the day really is for, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. I didn’t get a good serious photo though, and Savannah was really happy with this new doll, so . . . This post is part of my One Photo Per […]

Gideon Bibles [photos 2012]

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Tonight was the Lawrenceburg Gideon Camp’s Pastors Appreciation Banquet. We had a great time and heard lots of inspirational testimonies about the power of God’s living word. I always like the displays of the different color Bibles and testaments and this year was no exception. This post is part of my One Photo Per Day […]