My Review of Performance T-Shirt – Short & Long Sleeve

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Originally submitted at SCOTTEVEST, Inc. Available with short or long sleeves, this is the ultimate t-shirt for today's active lifestyle! The incredibly popular SeV Performance T-Shirt combines comfort and good looks with the convenience of 3 pockets perfect for carrying iPods, cell phones, and other on-the-go essentials. The pockets-… Performance T-Shirt – Short & Long […]


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One of my favorite podcasts is Hypercritcal on hosted by John Siracusa (@siracusa on Twitter) and the network’s founder Dan Benjamin (@danbenjamin). John is a super bright guy and a nerd in every sense of the word. A few weeks ago they announced that episode 100 (released today) would be the final episode. John, […]

Primal Blueprint Fitness started

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This is day 30 since “going Primal” for me and this was another great week.  I started the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan and got a couple of new gadgets.  I’ll be sharing about that as well as a quick review of the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals Cookbook by Mark Sisson. If we consider […]

The Primal Blueprint – It’s the Real Deal

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The results I’m seeing after two weeks of following the paleo lifestyle are exciting enough that I wanted to blog about it again this week. I may have mentioned before that my wife Amy is on board with our new primal eating plan. She’s the cook in the family so that really helps. The fact […]

Why We Get Fat and Going Primal

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A turning point This is a quick post to document a turning point for me in the health and diet department that should also impact my fitness. What triggered it The trigger for this coming change came from an unlikely source. Paul Thurott is the host of the Windows Weekly podcast with Leo LaPorte on […]

Dell Inspiron M101z Unboxing and Review

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Nice small laptop.  Same class as the new MacBook Air in size and about half the price.  The Air is faster I'm sure because it has a Solid State Drive (vs. spinning drive), but this is a pretty good performer if a netbook is not enough for you.

The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors – Highly Recommended!

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I just finished Scott Hargis' new ebook, The Essential Guide to lighting Interiors.  The book is a great compliment to the in-person workshop that I attended with Scott and Thomas Grubba in Raleigh NC in 2009.  If you're a real estate photographer of any flavor, I highly recommend this book.  More info:

The Tipping Point

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I realized not long ago that it had been a while since I read an actual book. I spend a lot of time at my computer screen and read a ton of websites and blogs, but actual books….not so much. And when I think about it I really miss reading. I used to read all […]

Windows 7 Review

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Windows 7 isn’t all that new any more, but I wanted to share my upgrade experience and some of my favorite things about Microsoft’s newest OS after having used it for the past couple of months. The upgrade process As I suspected, the hot topic surrounding Windows 7 upgrades was just how far one could […]

Waiting for Windows 7

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I’m way behind in updating my Windows 7 experience. There’s a good reason! I have had no further experience with Windows 7. No, I haven’t given up on it or changed my mind about how good an operating system I think it is. Fact is I got busy over the summer and had to go […]