Why Apple Inspires Hate

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This headline about Apple and why It inspires so much hate by Mike Elgan caught my eye this afternoon and since I ended up reading the entire article (and agreed with it) , I figured it was worth a post. Here’s the takeaway: People love Apple products. People love Google products. And, yes, people even […]

Got a new iMac this week.  

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…Actually my first new Mac and I’m really excited about it. Looking forward to getting productive with it.

Saw this on Mac Break Weekly

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Persona Mail

Apple Spring 2011 Event – The iPad 2

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I was watching the live blogs coming from the Apple Spring 2011 Event where they announced the iPad 2, so I thought I’d share my reactions that I originally posted to my Facebook account.   Watching the live-blogs from the Apple Event today. Steve says this is “Apple’s third Post-PC Blockbuster”. I wasn’t one of […]

LR-Blog Plugin Test

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I’m loving Photoshop Lightroom 3 and all the publishing add-ons. This post was actually created within Lightroom during the “Export” process. I thought it would be interesting to show you the image I created today for my client Christmas Cards. I got the idea from a Planet Photoshop Christmas Lights Tutorial. I have both PS […]

Dell Inspiron M101z Unboxing and Review

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Nice small laptop.  Same class as the new MacBook Air in size and about half the price.  The Air is faster I'm sure because it has a Solid State Drive (vs. spinning drive), but this is a pretty good performer if a netbook is not enough for you.

Glad to see my registrar of choice is getting the recognition it deserves!

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Best Domain Name Registrar: Namecheap [Hive Five Followup]

Windows 7 Review

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Windows 7 isn’t all that new any more, but I wanted to share my upgrade experience and some of my favorite things about Microsoft’s newest OS after having used it for the past couple of months. The upgrade process As I suspected, the hot topic surrounding Windows 7 upgrades was just how far one could […]

Windows Seven Eve

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Well, that four months sure went by fast! I placed my pre-order with Amazon.com for Windows 7 Home Premium back on June 28th. I just got the shipping notification and my copy should be here right on time tomorrow. Yay! Since I’m running Windows XP Pro I’m going to be doing what Microsoft refers to […]

Top Five Tips for Picking the Perfect Domain Name

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I was recently asked for my opinion on choosing a domain name. This case was a personal site, but a lot of the considerations are the same whether the site will be used for personal or commercial purposes. I ended up putting quite a bit of thought into my answer so I decided to share […]